Aldermen and Common Councilmen. There are 25 Aldermen and 100 Common Councilmen.

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4 rows where ward_id = "e74982dd" sorted by name

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  • Candlewick · 4
id name ▼ role party ward_id url
396 Dame Fiona Woolf Alderman   Candlewick e74982dd
1458 Emma Edhem Alderman   Candlewick e74982dd
1658 James de Sausmarez     Candlewick e74982dd
213 Kevin Malcolm Everett Deputy   Candlewick e74982dd

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CREATE TABLE members (
        id INTEGER NOT NULL,
        name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
        role VARCHAR(50),
        party VARCHAR(50),
        ward_id VARCHAR(8) REFERENCES wards(id),
        url VARCHAR(255),
        PRIMARY KEY (id)
CREATE INDEX members_ward_id ON members("ward_id");