Aldermen and Common Councilmen. There are 25 Aldermen and 100 Common Councilmen.

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1202 William Anthony Bowater Russell Alderman   Bread Street 15362cc1
1207 James Michael Douglas Thomson Deputy   Walbrook ab151963
1210 Henry Nicholas Almroth Colthurst     Lime Street 675b7bdd
1211 Philip Woodhouse Deputy   Langbourn 09362530
1212 Judith Pleasance     Langbourn 09362530
1213 Tom Sleigh Deputy   Bishopsgate c1386831
1217 Paul Nicholas Martinelli     Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
1218 Christopher Michael Hayward     Broad Street 0367a1d1
1219 Christopher Paul Boden     Castle Baynard 31037861
1220 Gregory Jones QC Alderman   Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
1221 Graham Packham     Castle Baynard 31037861
1222 Karina Dostalova     Farringdon Within 13e8d138
1223 Jamie Ingham Clark Deputy   Billingsgate 0434a638
1224 Dhruv Patel     Aldgate 68323942
1225 Andrew Stratton McMurtrie     Coleman Street 43861e99
1226 Alastair Michael Moss Deputy   Cheap 70a9d190
1227 Randall Keith Anderson     Aldersgate 286f7f31
1229 Mark Raymond Peter Henry Delano Wheatley     Dowgate 6df2119b
1230 Ann Holmes     Farringdon Within 13e8d138
1231 Graeme Martyn Smith     Farringdon Within 13e8d138
1260 Timothy Russell Hailes Alderman   Bassishaw 2a66d0da
1261 Charles Edward Beck Bowman Alderman   Lime Street 675b7bdd
128 Douglas Barrow     Aldgate 68323942
131 George Christopher Abrahams     Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
132 John David Absalom Deputy   Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
1323 Professor Michael Raymond Mainelli Alderman   Broad Street 0367a1d1
133 Nicholas Anstee Alderman   Aldersgate 286f7f31
136 Sir Mark Boleat     Cordwainer 3aa4ba2e
137 David John Bradshaw Deputy   Cripplegate e5a9d3d8
139 John Bennett     Broad Street 0367a1d1
1395 Sheriff Vincent Thomas Keaveny Alderman   Farringdon Within 13e8d138
141 Michael John Cassidy     Coleman Street 43861e99
1419 The Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor, Alderman Peter Estlin     Coleman Street 43861e99
1458 Emma Edhem Alderman   Candlewick e74982dd
1472 Nicholas Michael Bensted-Smith     Cheap 70a9d190
151 Simon D'Olier Duckworth     Bishopsgate c1386831
158 Roger Arthur Holden Chadwick     Tower 9a06a5f0
1592 The Rt Hon the Baroness Patricia Scotland of Asthal, QC Alderman   Bishopsgate c1386831
160 John Douglas Chapman     Langbourn 09362530
1658 James de Sausmarez     Candlewick e74982dd
1659 Graeme Harrower     Bassishaw 2a66d0da
1666 Keith David Forbes Bottomley Deputy   Bridge and Bridge Without 70fbd1ea
1756 Anne Helen Fairweather     Tower 9a06a5f0
1757 Dominic Gerard Christian     Lime Street 675b7bdd
1888 Peter Gordon Bennett     Walbrook ab151963
1934 Susan Jane Pearson     Cripplegate e5a9d3d8
1935 William Upton QC     Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
1936 William Pimlott     Cripplegate e5a9d3d8
1937 Jason Paul Pritchard     Portsoken 03c562f9
1938 Ruby Sayed     Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
1939 Prem Goyal Alderman   Portsoken 03c562f9
1940 Caroline Wilma Haines     Queenhithe fd77f10c
1941 Oliver Sells QC     Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
1942 Christopher Hill     Farringdon Within 13e8d138
1943 Angus Knowles-Cutler     Castle Baynard 31037861
1944 Tim Levene     Bridge and Bridge Without 70fbd1ea
1945 Andrew Paul Mayer     Bishopsgate c1386831
1946 Andrien Gereith Dominic Meyers     Aldgate 68323942
1947 Caroline Kordai Addy     Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
1948 Rehana Banu Ameer     Vintry 0bcd8436
1949 Munsur Ali     Portsoken 03c562f9
1950 Thomas Alexander Anderson     Farringdon Within 13e8d138
1951 Alexander Robertson Martin Barr     Cordwainer 3aa4ba2e
1952 Adrian Mark Bastow     Aldersgate 286f7f31
1953 Matthew Bell     Farringdon Within 13e8d138
1954 Tijs Broeke     Cheap 70a9d190
1955 Thomas Cowley Clementi     Lime Street 675b7bdd
1956 Richard Peter Crossan     Aldersgate 286f7f31
1957 Mary Durcan     Cripplegate e5a9d3d8
1958 Mark Bostock     Cripplegate e5a9d3d8
200 Peter Gerard Dunphy     Cornhill 3a2fdc7e
2034 Nicholas Stephen Leland Lyons Alderman   Tower 9a06a5f0
2058 Benjamin Daniel Murphy     Bishopsgate c1386831
207 The Lord Mountevans, Jeffrey Evans Alderman   Cheap 70a9d190
2104 Shravan Jashvantrai Joshi     Bishopsgate c1386831
2105 John Petrie     Billingsgate 0434a638
213 Kevin Malcolm Everett Deputy   Candlewick e74982dd
217 Sophie Anne Fernandes     Coleman Street 43861e99
2186 Susan Langley Alderman   Aldgate 68323942
220 John William Fletcher     Portsoken 03c562f9
221 Stuart John Fraser, CBE     Coleman Street 43861e99
2224 Natasha Maria Cabrera Lloyd-Owen     Castle Baynard 31037861
223 Marianne Bernadette Fredericks     Tower 9a06a5f0
225 John Garbutt Alderman   Walbrook ab151963
2259 Bronek Masojada Alderman   Billingsgate 0434a638
226 Sir Roger Gifford Alderman   Cordwainer 3aa4ba2e
229 Alison Gowman Alderman   Dowgate 6df2119b
231 David Andrew Graves Alderman   Cripplegate e5a9d3d8
2316 Tracey Graham     Cordwainer 3aa4ba2e
232 The Revd Stephen Decatur Haines Deputy   Cornhill 3a2fdc7e
251 Tom Hoffman Deputy   Vintry 0bcd8436
255 Robert Picton Seymour Howard Alderman   Cornhill 3a2fdc7e
256 Michael Hudson     Castle Baynard 31037861
257 Robert Charles Hughes-Penney Alderman   Cheap 70a9d190
263 Wendy Hyde Deputy   Bishopsgate c1386831
264 Clare James Deputy   Farringdon Within 13e8d138
265 Henry Llewellyn Michael Jones Deputy   Portsoken 03c562f9
269 Alastair John Naisbitt King Alderman   Queenhithe fd77f10c
276 Gregory Alfred Lawrence     Farringdon Without 2b5454aa
287 Vivienne Littlechild     Cripplegate e5a9d3d8

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