Aldermen and Common Councilmen. There are 25 Aldermen and 100 Common Councilmen.

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5 rows where ward_id = "675b7bdd"

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  • Lime Street · 5
id ▼ name role party ward_id url
376 Elizabeth Rogula Deputy   Lime Street 675b7bdd
1210 Henry Nicholas Almroth Colthurst     Lime Street 675b7bdd
1261 Charles Edward Beck Bowman Alderman   Lime Street 675b7bdd
1757 Dominic Gerard Christian     Lime Street 675b7bdd
1955 Thomas Cowley Clementi     Lime Street 675b7bdd

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CREATE TABLE members (
        id INTEGER NOT NULL,
        name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
        role VARCHAR(50),
        party VARCHAR(50),
        ward_id VARCHAR(8) REFERENCES wards(id),
        url VARCHAR(255),
        PRIMARY KEY (id)
CREATE INDEX members_ward_id ON members("ward_id");