Electoral wards within the City of London. Each ward elects one Alderman and two or more Common Councilmen.

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id ▼ name
0367a1d1 Broad Street
03c562f9 Portsoken
0434a638 Billingsgate
09362530 Langbourn
0bcd8436 Vintry
13e8d138 Farringdon Within
15362cc1 Bread Street
286f7f31 Aldersgate
2a66d0da Bassishaw
2b5454aa Farringdon Without
31037861 Castle Baynard
3a2fdc7e Cornhill
3aa4ba2e Cordwainer
43861e99 Coleman Street
675b7bdd Lime Street
68323942 Aldgate
6df2119b Dowgate
70a9d190 Cheap
70fbd1ea Bridge and Bridge Without
9a06a5f0 Tower
ab151963 Walbrook
c1386831 Bishopsgate
e5a9d3d8 Cripplegate
e74982dd Candlewick
fd77f10c Queenhithe

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